Accounting and Finance has been global economic phenomenon from ancient times, and has today taken the central stage as the dominant language of business, growing rapidly around the world. It is the hub of substantially every economy, and the medium through which every action or event is translated and quantified into information for planning and decision making. This Faculty seeks to explore the nature and characteristics of accounting and finance as vital tools of planning. The new emphasis could arouse interest to explore strategies for improved quality and effectiveness of planning and how planning can be better marketed, managed and presented to facilitate plan implementation.

Designed for

People who want to exploit the opportunities in the world of planning, particularly, in management or planning positions in public and private sectors, as well as accountants and planners, who wish to offer multidisciplinary value added professional services to meet growing demands following the renewed planning emphasis..


-To provide professional training and solid intellectual base, for deeper knowledge and special skills built upon current techniques and state-of-the-art in planning and plan implementation.

-To open new doors of opportunities to accountants and finance specialists to develop expertise and competences in planning; to break new grounds in planning that has remained largely unexplored.

-To equip IPN students and the public with reasonable accounting tools vital for quantifying financial values, and translating plans into financial languages useful for planning and implementation decisions.


The programme emphasizes the importance of accounting and Finance as useful tools for planning. The culture of probity and compliance with stewardship responsibilities for entrusted resources derives roots from accounting. Hopefully this culture could stem the spate of endemic corruption through effective planning.



Course Title

Course Code

Paper 1 Financial Accounting for Planning AFP/FF 1
Paper 2 Cost and Management Accounting in Planning AFP/FF 2
Paper 5 Budgeting and Control Strategies in Planning AFP/FI 5
Paper 9 Quality and Compliance Assurance Planning AFP/FP 9
Paper 13 Public Finance Management and Stewardship Planning AFP/FP 13
Paper 14 Corporate Resources Governance Planning AFP/FP 14