OVERVIEW: Business has remained a dominant global phenomenon since the industrial revolution. The separation of ownership and management has since remained a key impetus for the rapid growth and professionalism of management of businesses around the world.Businesses today are confronted with different types of risks and challenges associated with a constant changing environment. Business and Management Planning is taking the centre stage in the battle to restore and sustain the tradition of stewardship and transparency in management of organizations.

Designed for: People who want to exploit the opportunities in the public service, particularly, in management or planning positions, to lead the way to a new management paradigm. It will be very rewarding to planners who wish to offer professional services in change management in public sector.

AIM: The course is designed to equip students and managers with the requisite skills, knowledge and competence to understand management evolution and challenges of workplace performance.

Objectives: The programme seeks to produce high caliber international planning professionals who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to excel, either as professional planning service providers or as stakeholders and/or executives.

PAPER 1 Business Management Development Strategies BMP/FF 1
PAPER 2 Risk and Change Management Planning BMP/FF 2
PAPER 5 International Business Management Strategies BMP/FI 5
PAPER 9 E-Business Management Strategies BMP/FP 9
PAPER 13 Business Dynamics and Strategic Management BMP/FP 13
PAPER 14 Capital Building Sustainability & Productivity Planning BMP/FP 14