Maintenance of law and order is a global phenomenon central to any nation’s constitution, and is pivotal to good governance around the world. It contributes substantially to peace and economic development of many countries, as it underpins the basis of business relationship. However, in spite of the massive investment in the justice system, the effect on crime rate is negligible; which raises questions about the effectiveness of the entire service. Critics view the whole legal system as ineffective, threatened with corruption, and largely elusive. The clamour for a complete overhaul of the system is getting louder by the day. This faculty seeks to attract attention to the nature and characteristics of the entire justice system in most countries, to arouse interest and explore how the system can be better planned, well managed and more effective, to win back public confidence.

Designed for
People who want to exploit the opportunities in the judicial or legal discipline, particularly, in management or planning positions in both public and private sectors to restore social values and public confidence. It will be very rewarding to planners who wish to offer professional services to meet expectations of society for effective justice system.

To provide professional training and solid intellectual base, to deepen knowledge and develop skills built upon current techniques and state-of-the-art in planning and plan implementation, and to open new doors of opportunities to develop expertise in legal planning which has remained largely unexplored.

The programme seeks to produce highly skilful international planning professionals who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to excel, either as professional planning service providers or as top public officers or executives.



Course Title

Course Code

Paper 1 Electronic Commerce/Business Laws LRP/FF 1
Paper 2 Humanitarian Rights Promotion /Protection Laws LRP/FF 2
Paper 5 Criminal and Civil Justice System Reforms Planning LRP/FI 5
Paper 9 Crime Control and Security Planning LRP/FP 9
Paper 13 Peace Promotion and Conflict Resolution Planning LRP/FP 13
Paper 14 Alternative Dispute Resolution Planning LRP/FP 14