OVERVIEW: The modern business environmentis inherently changing, and evolving some varied changes and challenges. These challenges affect the business entity in various forms, including impacting on the entity’s ability to retain or win more customers. The emergence of information technology revolution has raised advertising profile beyond the localized level of print and radio, television advertising. The current state is the global audience model.

The skills afforded by training in planning holds the key to the breakthrough in raising the standard of advertising practices in Nigeria.

Designed for: People who want to exploit the Advertisement/Marketing opportunities in the public service, particularly, in management or planning positions, to lead the way to a new Advertisement/Marketing strategy. It will be very rewarding to planners who wish to offer professional services in Marketing in public sector.

AIM: The course is designed to equip students and Marketers with the requisite skills, knowledge and competence to understand Marketing evolution and challenges of workplace performance.

Objectives: The programme seeks to produce high caliber international planning professionals who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to excel, either as professional planning service providers or as stakeholders and/or executives.


PAPER 1 Media information & Communication Network MMP/FF 1
PAPER 2 Strategic Marketing & Consumer Protection Planning MMP/FF 2
PAPER 5 Multimedia Journalism Planning (Print, Radio, Television and Internet) MMP/FI 5
PAPER 9 Marketing Communication Planning (Advertising) MMP/FP 9
PAPER 13 Marketing Communication Planning (Public Relations) MMP/FP 13
PAPER 14 Marketing Communication Planning (Sales Promotion) MMP/FP 14