Petroleum and alternative Energy issues have become a global economic and environmental phenomenon, raising serious concerns in recent times, growing around the world. Petroleum contributes substantially to the economy of many countries where more and more investments continue to be made in spite of the grave danger to the environment and deadly effect on climate change challenge. Year after year, promises to stop gas flaring are breached and broken, and very little or no effort is made to explore alternative energy sources. In spite of the huge outcry against green house gas emissions, it is business as usual as pollution continues unabated. This faculty seeks to attract attention to the nature and characteristics of the petroleum industry in most countries, to arouse interest to explore how the industry can be better planned marketed, reformed, and well managed.

Designed for
People who want to exploit the opportunities in the petroleum and clean energy alternative industries, particularly, in management or planning positions in both public and private sectors. It will be very rewarding to planners who wish to offer professional services to the industry.

To provide professional training and solid intellectual base, to deepen knowledge and develop skills built upon current techniques and state-of-the-art in planning and plan implementation, and to open new doors of opportunities to develop expertise in this area that has remained largely unexplored.


The programme seeks to produce high caliber international planning professionals who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to excel, either as professional planning service providers or as investors and/or executives.



Course Title

Course Code

Paper 1 Clean Energy Resource Planning PCE/FF 1
Paper 2 Energy Politics and Economic Planning PCE/FF 2
Paper 5 Petroleum: Local Input Resources Integration Planning PCE/FI 5
Paper 9 Integrated Energy Resources Planning PCE/FP 9
Paper 13 Petroleum & Gas Technology Development Planning PCE/FP 13
Paper 14 Environmental Impact of Energy Sources & Remediation Planning PCE/FP 14